July 4, 2012

A Buffalo and a Wedding in Rh Aling (June 2012)

Agan's daughter is getting married!! The kampong is all stirred up with excitement. An uncle and his family have come back all the way from Johore to join in the celebration for the niece. A marriage is a sacred union not only between a man and a woman but between two families. Henceforth the two families also become one and will defend each other for their rights and survival. A marriage seals friendship. A marriage also confirms the strength and integrity of the two families.

In the past spouses  were selected through a communal consensus!! "The  wisdom of the elders often bring about very strong marriages without consulting the stars or written words" according to a senior member of the community. Today young people fall in love but a happy marriage results when the two families agree to the union. An unwelcome son in law or daughter in law often create a lot of conflict . And furthermore some couples do "kahwin cowboy" (elope) but that's another story.

This special wedding is much anticipated because the two families are very happy with their children's choice and is blessed by the whole long house.

This is the beautiful Ulu Limbang from the top of a hill near Rumah Aling.

One of the kampongs along the Limbang River...serene and down in the valley.

The team of wedding organisers had to cross a river to fetch the buffalo. They parked they hilux on theopposite  bank of the river .

A buffalo has been chosen and paid for @ RM2000 special friend's price..It is usually more than that....This buffalo farm is 2 hours by road from rh. Aling.

How many Ibans are needed to pull a buffalo out of his shed?

Uncle  Laman bathing the buffalo. How tame is this animal?

The buffalo has been slaughtered. The bride's father is Agan ( centre)

Preparing to take out the innards

The team bringing the slaughtered buffalo back to the long house..another two hours' journey.

Part of the journey home.

Preparation for the feast

The Gotong Royong

Parts of the buffalo

Even a young boy is helping out...well prepared wood pieces..

The BBQ section

The temporary wood fire kitchen built just outside the Ruai...

The prepared food in the Indian Curry Pots

The Pansoh section (Bamboo section) manned by ladies...

The beautiful bride getting ready to walk towards the "bridal" stage for the nuptial blessing.
Family photo..the groom's family..Meripa's son is married to Agan's daughter...
This has been a grand communal effort..the whole valley is alive with music and song..the union is witnessed by the whole kampong and God above.

May their marriage be blessed and may they live happily ever after....

All photos by Laman - in Ulu Medamit @ Rumah Aling
4th June 2012


Anonymous said...

Is the taste of buffalo meat same as cow's meat (beef?) ?

It seems the Iban's wedding is also westernised.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi...it is slightly more gamey..but I like the special kicap buffalo meet. The rendang buffalo meat is nice too. However many people like it curried...Buffalo meat is available in cold storages like Soon Lee in Brunei.

It is not common in Sarawak. In Limbang and Lawas one can be blessed when invited to a wedding. A good wedding sponsored by a rich uncle can serve up great buffalo meat dishes...One animal many dishes...

thanks for writing in!!

sintaicharles said...

It's great to see everyone basking in goodwill.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles...this is a good time..a wedding..and sharing of meat...it is also a homecoming of uncles and other relatives for a reunion...and to welcome a new couple ...and a gotong royong is much more meaningful than a dinner in a strange restaurant where many people would EAT and RUN>>>>

thanks for visiting!!

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