July 15, 2012

Writers in Borneo Cultural Festival Sibu

Tonight at the Borneo Cultural Festival a well known author Winnie Chan Ching Ming will be launching her  new book at the Sibu Town Square....Her book is entitled "Love in Spring Rain". Born in Hong Kong and educated in the USA Winnie Chan has written many books since settling down in Sibu and has helped many readers. Her husband Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai is the Principal of the Methodist Theological School.

The Sibu writers are very united in promoting books written by Sarawak writers (from Kuching to Miri) and have sold many books in the last few days. The books are displayed in a tent manned by volunteers who support good writing in all the different languages.

15th July 2012 Winnie Chan (Mrs. Tie King Tai) will be at the Writers'  Stall to sign her newly published book....
Lee is the person behind the Writers' Stall in BCF....He and his team have made a great effort  .
this is the new book by Winnie Chan Ching Ming.

More than a hundred titles are on sale during this period. While most books are in Chinese many are also in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Mr. Lee hopes that next year more writers will come forward from Sarawak to take part in this exhibition and sale. Those interested can also contact Mr. Wong Meng Lei at Methodist Message and Mr. Lee himself (c/0 Methodist Message)

There are many books on sale....One of them is The Tastes and Flavours of the Foochows...Two of the  main authors of the book are Meng Lei and Yi FAng. Madam Tang is the Supervisor of the Sibu Foochow Cultural Gallery where this book can be bought in Sibu.


Anonymous said...

There should be a site to promote the locally published books, may be with the name 1amazon.com (everything is +1 nowadays??

I think in addition to the cover, the preface should be shown so that the readers know what the book is about.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thank you for your feedback..I strongly believe that the publishing houses should also help contribute to the high rate of a stall (2 000 ringgit)besides the contributions of well wishers who support the small number of local Sibu writers.

I even think a huge banner would be good to promote the books (and especially the newly launched book)

I will write the synopsis in English soon....for my blog..

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