August 13, 2012

Indigenous Peoples from Sabah and Carey Islands

The Malaysian  National Level International Day of World's Indigenous Peoples' celebration was held in Miri from 9th to 11th August in Taman Tunku. The celebrations included a forum and a Youth Jamboree besides an exhibition and sale of Indigenous Handicrafts from all over Malaysia. Orang Asli representatives from West Malaysia were very well represented . Sabahan also made a good impression with their great costumes.

More 200 representatives from all over Malaysia came to Miri to attend this three day function.

I went with a few friends to see the exhibition and to buy a few souvenirs. The Sabah group brought their delicious pickles and cili sauces. They had a special Jeruk Ikan which is priced at RM11.00. For those who have acquired the taste for this is really delicious.

the black pulut from Sabah is a must buy. The grains are fat and  really long.....Fresh and sweet. I bought one packet and hope to buy more to make bak chang in the future.

these lovely Orang Asli ladies are from Carey Islands. and I hope one day we will meet again!!
Book marks made by the Carey Islanders. Excellent handiwork!!

More crafts from the Carey Islands.

Two good friends met up at the exhibition.

Orang Asli from Pahang and Kelantan

The theme of this year's international celebration is "Indigenous Media Empowering Indigenous Voices".

this celebration every year is in line with  with the rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the world enshrined in the United Nations' Declarations on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples (Undrip). I hope Mirians have made the visitors and celebrants who came from all corners of Malaysia feel at home and that they will come to visit Sarawak again as tourists...

As most newspapers in our country are along linguistic lines it has been felt by international readers and especially anthropologists that many stories of the indigenous people have not been heard . The voices of the major races or groups are naturally heard in the mainstream media. Even the stories of our now famous Bidayuh diver Pandelela Rinong  for example were not circulated until she made it to semi finals in the just completed London Olympics. Many Malaysian TV announcers were even struggling to pronounce her name!! In fact unknown to many she has been making splashes in the last five years!! would you prounounce Pamg?


Ann said...

silent g, Pam
silent m, Pag,

I didn't hear of her until now.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The little girl Pandelela was already in the Sarawak team for inter-state games..for the last 7 years???

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