August 29, 2012

Photos of Mary Hoover of Sibu

Recently Velvet Douglas (Grand daughter Missionary Pykett) got in touch with me and we have been corresponded  a few times.

Praise God for the Internet.

Yesterday she sent  two lovely photos of our dearly beloved Mary Hoover and Rev James Hoover to Meng Lei and I .

Now the Methodist Archives of Sibu would have two more photos..Just to share these with you...
thanks Velvet for "discovering" me.....

Pray that one day Velvet (UK) will be visiting Sarawak.

Have a great day!!

The Four Young Sisters
Photo provided by Velvet Douglas, UK

The four girls:
            Mary Young (married Hoover) centre back, Milly Young (married Burr) standing left, Eva Young (married Keymer)seated right, Eileen Young (married MacDonald) seated front in white.   Calcutta Art Studio, 185 Bow Bazar Street, Calcutta.  (Sadly no date, but the youngest, Eileen, we worked out must have been born 1887/1888)

 Penang: Pyketts, MacDonalds, Burrs, Hoovers and Keymers. (about 1920?)
Photo provided by Velvet Douglas, UK

Each row from left to right.
Back row men: Will MacDonald, Bert Burr, James Hoover, Arthur Keymer
Standing women:  Lizzie Pykett, Eileen MacDonald, Milly Burr, Mary (May) Hoover and Eva Keymer.
Third row:   Amah, Walter K (standing), Robert K (on chair), Grandma Pykett holding Joyce Burr with May K standing in front; Grandpa Pykett, Arthur K (seated), Kenneth Burr (seated).
Four sitting on ground:  John K, Jim MacDonald, Elsie MacDonald and George K with his arms folded.


Simon said...

Lovely photo:)


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thank you and thanks to Velvet Douglas. God bless.

Ann said...

Hi CY, I think there are 2 kinds of Chinese "pillow" the lacquer hard ones, and the flexible bamboo ones. I actually touched the bamboo ones. Can be "sleepable", but the lacquer ones, Ah Yo!!!!

Mr Lonely said...

take care~

Sarawakiana@2 said...

No Ann...the lacquer ones are just extremely cool...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Mr. Lonely?


Anonymous said...

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