November 20, 2012

Foochow Style Food in Kuching-Bau Roadside

Sometimes you one can be rather surprised in the rural areas of Sarawak by the sighting of a  large seafood restaurant. Most people would associate seafood with outlets nearer the sea coast.

I can still remember when I saw a seafood restaurant in Kapit, 120 miles inland I was just a little surprised. And Kapit has no airport to enable air flown seafood.

Now I try not to be surprised by anything.

 Perhaps one day I will find a Foochow seafood restaurant in Xinjiang (China). I know of a nice Muslim lah mien restaurant in Fuzhou City.

So here it was a seafood restaurant near Bau and operated by a Foochow family.

Alhtough the towkay has put up signs to indicate he is operating a seafood outlet he is actually a trained roast duck chef. If you happen to drop by roast ducks are sold by the roadside.

And since Foochow food is liked by a lot of people, even in Kuching, this outlet is slowly buildig up a night clientele with its open space. And with a large compound diners do enjoy the open air and adequate space. Kids run around and it is very easy to park. Crabs are plentiful and the towkay rear his own fish. But according to the towkay neo, it is still just a HOBBY and they are not selling their fish yet.

A young nephew is looking after the roasted duck ...

the name Fu Lin means Prosperous Forest.

this is cangkok manis growing in the backyard.

the pretty towkay neo who is very friendly and helpful.

well done to Foochow towkay neo from Julau.

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