November 12, 2012

Special Banana Leaves for Pulut Pangang

Do you know that in Sibu, special banana leaves are used for the wrapping of the delicious and famous Pulut Panggang?

Even though I was born and bred in Sibu I did not know about this special kind of banana trees which provide leaves for pulut panggang makers.

These banana trees stand very straight and are not very tall.

The leaves do not hang down or break easily. Apparently these are the only banana trees found in large numbers on Pualu Kerto in the Sibu division.

These banana trees grow very close together and the leaves are cut as often as the owners like. The trees are fairly hardy.

The Pulau Kerto Banana Trees

These banana trees have been grown by one special family in Pulau kerto for many generations. They have made it their niche business. Each morning the family members and their workers will cut the leaves and bundle them up . They had in the past sent their banana leaves by boat to Sibu. Today because a road has been constructed they can use their own pickup.

I wonder how many people know about this.


wenn said...

yea, banana leaves are very useful..I like banana leaf curry rice!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Definitely when in KL I will usually have a banana leaf curry rice feast...semua taroh!!! thanks Wenn.

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