March 1, 2013

Buddha's Hand Lime

A new miniature citrus has come to town during the recent Chinese New Year.

Limes and oranges are auspicious plants to have in Chinese homes during the Chinese New Year. And this Buddha's hand lime is even more auspicious. Furthermore the fragrance from the fruit can perfume the living room.

Some recipes for the rind of the fruit can be found on line. Many supermarkets in the US andAustralia are now selling the fruits for the rind. The fruit does not have any juice.

To many Buddhists, this decorative plant is spiritual and auspicious at the same time. 2 in 1 !! But at a price of RM`150, it is indeed quite an expensive plant. But it is definitely cheaper than a bonzai. However if it brings peace and harmony to the family, why not?

Think of not having too rich a meal and you can instead bring this plant home.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This type of Buddha hands as we called, can be planted thro cutting but the rainfall must be quite abundant b4 the shoots can really grow.
I love it too but too difficult to find one nowadays!... :(

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