June 24, 2013

Cocktail Reception and Cocktails

Kie Mui Jiu (literally Chicken Tail Wine)or Cocktail reception was trendy during the Colonial days in Sibu.

Bankers, business men, government servants were often invited for Cocktails by the Resident, Hong Kong and Shanghai bank manager and others. After the formation of Malaysia, cocktail parties were all but forgotten.

The gentlemen wore lounge suits while the ladies would wear cocktail dresses for the occasion .According to an elder wearing suits, ties and all in those days was a little more present,even there was no air conditioning. Temperatures were much lower and there were more trees.. All the ladies would be seen wearing a strand or two of jewellery ,the most popularly piece being  pearls. And best of all, they wore high heeled shoes. Some wore gloves so that they could be at least at par with Mrs. Griffin (one of the most beautiful Resident's wife in those days). Well,one great image I had of those cocktail parties, was the reddest of lipsticks I have ever seen, as compared to muted colours won by women of today.

Temenggong Datuk Ting Lik Hung, lst on the left. My father, second from the right.

A cocktail party is a party at which cocktails are served. It is sometimes called a cocktail reception.
A cocktail hour is sometimes used by managers of hotels and restaurants as a means of attracting patrons between 4 pm and 6 pm.

During the colonial days in Sarawak, a cocktail party was, after all, something like the modern definition, but it was fairly political to say the least. The community leaders rubbed shoulders with the colonial officers. A dance would sometime be organised following the drinking, to the tunes played by a good local band. Kampong Nyabor and the other kampongs would have a few bands which would present themselves in their white suits for the occasions. I remember hearing the double bass being played as I passed by the Sibu Recreation Club (now part of history..gone. Where it stood is the San Yan Building).

Today in SArawak, some events, such as wedding receptions, are preceded by a cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour, guests socialize while drinking and eating appetizers. Organizers of these events use the cocktail hour to occupy guests between related events and to reduce the number of guests who arrive late.


An article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press in May, 1917, credited its invention to a certain Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri.
Mrs. Walsh invited 50 guests to her house on a Sunday at high noon for a one-hour affair. "The party scored an instant hit," the newspaper declared and stated that, within weeks, cocktail parties had become "a St. Louis institution". An example of the power of the press.

Alec Waugh noted that the first cocktail party in England was hosted in 1924 by war artist Christopher Nevinson.

Cocktails named after Robert DeNiro, Daniel Day Lewis, and Hugh Jackman.

What's your favourite cocktail?

If you don't know of any cocktail..order Whisky on the Rocks or a Gin and Tonic. Vodka Lime is nice.But what about a Margarita?

Malaysians are not fond of alcoholic drinks.Hence Mocktail has been invented as a world.

However you don't get invited to a Mocktail hour in Malaysia. It will still be a Cocktail party..where you can drink mocktails.

Pina colada or Long Island IceTea would be nice..it is so nice you can have too many...Irish Coffee is not coffee. It has a lot of liquor in it. Your friendly bar tender can give you a nice guide.


Anonymous said...

Love your black and white photo. Reminds me of old times. BTW, do u know that Bro Albinus is now sick with lung cancer??? Pray for him!!

Stenographer said...

oH DEAR....hope he is not suffering too much. Is he in Kuching? We will definitely pray for him...God bless.

Anonymous said...

Ya, he is at St Joseph School's brother house.

Stenographer said...

Thank you for letting me know. I hope I have a chance to visit him . May God bless him.

Anonymous said...

MAybe you can call St Joseph's Schcool to get Brother's house tel no. first

Stenographer said...

Thanks. Will do that. I will let others know too.

Anonymous said...

Heard Bro Albinus is planning to go back to Ireland, his home country!!

Stenographer said...

Thanks for letting me know. May be that is the best for him. We owe him a lot. Hope people will give him a good send off.

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