September 16, 2013

Carton King (Taiwan)

Carton King is a creative park where almost everything is made of corrugated cardboard. The ceilings, the floor, the furniture, the pens and paper, everything!

It was a hot day for the 13 of us in the team. Our first two days were rather damp and extremely wet because of the Typhoon Trami. But when the sun came out, it was really glaring and hot.

There were many exciting sections to visit .There's also a restaurant there where you can sit and have a good meal in the cardboard land but when we were there it was not open, rather unfortunate as we had planned to have a nice lunch there. All the tables and shelves were made of corrugated cardboard.

I did not fancy any of the souvenirs made from paper so I was thrilled to find a Post Shop. The post cards sold there were just what I wanted.

I bought a post card and sent it to my son. I thought it was a tourist kind of gimmick. The postcard did not cost much and the stamp was only 10 Taiwan Dollars. Today, after about 20 days, my son received the card.

That's a real treat for my heart!! i.e. it is heartening to hear from him, that he is happy to receive a card in the mail.



 There's a zoo, where the animals are all made from paper (carton) and when a child presses a button, the animal will make its noise. Just a small area but very creative and refreshing. (At least there is no smell of foul dung!!) camera could not function, so I lost a whole day of photograph...I have to grab photos from Goggle)

This place is also known as 纸箱王.

I am thinking of my children as I write this. Wish I can still travel with them all every where I go.

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