October 21, 2013

Huat Gor (Foochow's Kuih Apam)

 The Foochows have a very delectable sweet snack called huat gor (Steamed Risen Bun) or wan gor. (Cup cake) made mainly from rice flour.

In the olden days in Sibu, mothers would use the stone grinder to grind soaked rice grains in a batter to make this steamed cake.

Today, grand children and great grandchildren of these early pioneers who came from China to Sibu in 1903 continue to enjoy this delicacy and share the recipes with the Malays, Melanaus and Ibans. Although there are many variants of the recipes, the original recipe produces this very tasty and fluffy steamed cake. The saying, testing of the pudding is by eating, is never truer when you make this cake according to the recipe given by my former colleage Tiong Siew Ing to her friend, my former student, Ling Huong Yian, who now resides in Perth.

Huong Yian recently made these cakes for a very satisfied group of Iban and Chinese friends in Perth. Thank you Huong Yian and Siew Ing for the recipe.

This recipe calls for three days of work for the whole process to take place. If you are hard press for time, this is not a recipe you can attempt. But once you know how to make it, you won't even need a written recipe in front of you. An aunt said in Foochow :"You can make them with eyes closed!!" It may sound pompous, but in the olden days, Foochow women were really very capable with their skilful hands.


A.. Grind or pound  half of the flat ragi(酒饼) You can use less if you like.
Then add one rice bowl of cooked cold overnight rice(隔夜饭), mix well and let stand for more than 24 hours so that some kind of fermentation occurs. 
B.Add water 10 oz to A. Put them into blender  to blend it. Take out, put one packet of non glutinous rice powder, (榨米粉)stir and mix  well with another 14 oz of water/ Rest the mixture for 8-10 hours.
C. Add 7 oz of sugar to B and blend it again- You can divide into 2 portions to blend well, blend twice would be better..
D. When done transfer to a bowl and add 2 packets of ENO(blue packet) and stir, mix well

E. you can steam the batter in small paper cups or the metal cups now-more than half an hour- make sure they are well cooked in the middle part. Use a lidi or skewer to test.

another recipe is from here Fatt Kueh

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