November 21, 2013

Sarawak Iban Annual Conference 65th Annivesary 2013

 Methodist Church Sarawak Iban Annual Conference, will be celebrating its 65th anniversary on November 29, 2014. A a thanksgiving worship  will be held at 2pm, at the Iban Methodist Centre, Hornming Road, Sibu. This will be followed by a grand dinner at Happiness Restaurant, near the bus terminal, Jalan Pahlawan, at 7pm.

A book written in Mandarin, by the Taiwanese missionary Rev. Ting, will be on sale, and the funds raised will be for the Iban Church  Building funds.

The Bare Foot Missionary traces the work of Missionary Chen Run Foo who worked amongst the Ibans of Sarawak in the 1960's. An excellent documentation of the life and times of Sarawakians in the 60's. The book is available in the Methodist Book Room and the Methodist Message office. For Fund Raising the Price is 50 Ringgit. Please come and support.

(Photos by Steve Ling)

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