November 9, 2013


Few people would realise that Miri has many Fishtail Palms . These beautiful palms are popular as landscape plants in China (Yunnan) and many warmer countries outside of the temperate zones.

Malaysia chooses fishtale palms as one of the palms grown in urban landscape.

The flowers of the fishtail palms are beautiful when looked at close range and especially when they have fallen on the ground, making a rich orangey carpet in the mornings.

The fast-growing fishtail palm has huge fronds and they really look majestic!!

I heard from some people that it is a monocarpic tree . Once you see it flower and fruit, it dies soon after. What a pity.

Most Ibans consider this palm "untouchable" because the skin gets very irritated when a person touches its trunk and seed, and sometimes even leaves.
It is native to India, Laos and Vietnam. )No wonder it is grown in abundance in Yunnan.)

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\It is also known as Caryota.

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