April 2, 2014

Cable Ferry in Sg. Arang

Going to Marudi? Going to Miri?

More than 5 years ago no one would consider going to Marudi by road especially when there was no ferry. Since 2011, two ferries have been provided between Miri and Marudi. One is at Sg. Arang and one at a point near Marudi along the Baram River.

Map from Encarta

Today much improved timber and/or oil palm estate roads connects Miri and Marudi. Many parts are already tar sealed. It takes only 2 hours by road and many people enjoy private twin cabin or off road 4 wheel taxis which bring them from one point to another, or, door to door.

Before 2011, on river expresses and air transport (mainly Twin Otters) linked Miri and Marudi.

The road between Miri and Marudi needs to cross two rivers, the Baram and the Sg. Arang.  In this post I will only describe the Sg. Arang Ferry.

The Sungei Arang Ferry is a  very unique ferry, perhaps on of the few in the world, operated by a cable system.

File:Handbetriebene Fähre P1020854.JPG

this Sg. Arang ferry does not operate according to a full capacity .The moment it reaches one bank and the cars it has carried have left the ferry, new cars will get on board and it will travel to the other bank straight away.

It has really brought a lot of convenience to the people of Marudi and the surrounding areas.

the ferry is privately owned.

File:Prahmfähre Gräpel - Cable Ferry Gräpel 3627.jpg(A cable ferry in Holland)
cable river ferry crossing the River Warta in Lubusz, Polen
One of several cable river ferries, which allow passengers, cyclists cars, tractors and light trucks to cross the River Warta in Poland. This one is close to Witnica, in the province of Lubuskie. Cables are anchored to the shore at both ends, and the river ferry propels itself along the cables by diesel engines pulling the cables.

A German cable ferry meant for bicycles and bikers

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