April 21, 2014

Durians in Luak Bay...


This year unexpected the durian trees in Miri started to flower in March. And this may indicate the effects of global warming on Sarawak. Many of the trees are in full bloom now and the expected harvest is in the month of August, provided no strange thunderstorms  create havoc .
This year has been quite exceptional because we are getting durians even in April, which does not actually happen. Today the global climatic changes have created unusual fruiting seasons in our state.
Ten years ago in Sibu, Limbang, and Miri, the durian season was only at the end of the year. I remember it was always good to look forward to the holiday season when we could have our King of the Fruits - Durians at very reasonable prices.
It is even possible to have two seasons of durians nowadays!!

I have a special passion to take photos of durian flowers and would go to great extent to get them!! Even going into someone's garden, get permission and take the photos.

These durian flowers have no odour. Perhaps I do not have a good sense of smell, although I can identify several perfumes which are very famous and the various common chemicals.

A friend commented that the chief pollinator, the Brown Bat is no longer plentiful. Probably having been eaten to extinction!!

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