April 13, 2014

Nang Chong Stories : Huan Niik Tong.

Normally meat is sliced across the grains of the flesh.

This particular soup requires thin slices of pork sliced against the grains. The slices of meat are marinated with a bit of salt and coated with tapioca flour.

A soup is first made from wood ears and golden needles and thick slices of onions.

When the soup is boiling hot the pork slices are added . After boiling for about half an hour the soup is ready to serve. Extra good vinegar can be added to make it a very sourish soup. I love it when it is extra sour.

This soup is an appetizer, as well as a rice chaser. It is good enough as a single dish for the family because it contains protein and lots of fibers.

The Foochows call this soup Huang Niik Tong.  So I suppose it comes from the way the meat is sliced. May be I am wrong.

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