April 24, 2014

Nuba Laya - Mashed Rice wrapped in leaves

One of the most interesting leaf wrapped food in Sarawak is called Nuba laya. The leaves used are called Daun Long in Iban,isip or itip in Kelabit.

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Rice is cooked and when it is still hot and of a certain consistency, the cook with stir it until it is like mashed potatoes. So it is actually "mashed rice". This nuba laya can be drier or wetter depending on the taste of the family. However the drier nuba laya can last longer.

the various Indigenous Communities always enjoy the best of their home grown rice. When the newly harvest rice is milled, they will usually prepare their leaf wrapped rice to entertain guests, to give to friends or even just to enjoy eating them during meals. Nuba laya can be taken to the farms too by the farmers and they can even be taken to West malaysia for loved ones. Rice prepared in this way can last at least two days without refrigeration.

Nuba laya is usually cooked by loving mothers from the Lun Bawang, Kelabit and Kayan communities.

Other kinds of leaves used for making other kinds of food in Sarawak are the Simpor, banana and nipah leaves.
another kind of rice wrapped in simpor leaves, but this is Tapai or sweet fermented rice.

But commercially, it can be found in Canaan Cafe, Summit Cafe and Canopy Cafe.
Iban Kelupis, glutinous rice wrapped in daun long.

This rice is a popular staple amongst the local and foreigners. Side dishes from the Kelabit and Lun Bawang Communities go very well with this rice. One can use the leaf as a plate and that is actually an excellent idea, and safe washing and at the same time water is not wasted.

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