May 4, 2014

Kuala Rajang : Yesteryears and Today

In the 1970's being sent to teach in Kuala Rajang was a nightmare to many newly trained teacher. It was a mosquito infested place with no water and electricity supplies. Little towns here are Matu Daro, Kuala Rajang, and others.   


My sister's friend Chee Ai Sieng was there for many years before she called it a day. But she had managed to enjoyed her teaching life, planted flowers and made do with what God had given her. She was one of our school's favourite athlete and she held the school record for high jump for many years. I remember her most as a member of my school soft ball team, with Miss Fries as our coach.

We admire the courage of this foochow girl to take up teaching in a Melanau kampong in those early days when even the telephone was a rare utility!!

It was also unimaginable then to believe that roads would reach the area and schools would be concretized.

Photo from Borneo Post : flood affecting Matu Daro, Jan 2011

Today we can easily drive to Tanjong mani (new name Tanjong manis). after more than 6 good bridges have been built.

Perhaps one day my sister, Ai Sieng and I can visit Kuala Rajang by car. May God bless Ai Sieng and all the teachers who have taught there in the 70's.

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