May 7, 2014

Rice wrapped in Rice (饭馃) : A Celebration Dessert

Png Kuih/ Png Kueh (饭桃/桃粿)(Photo by Sarawakiana)

from Veronica's Kitchen


Cross section of bern kuih, rice wrapped in rice skin @ Palliative Care Centre, Miri

We have a great Palliative Care Association of Miri volunteer called Ah Lien or Lotus. She was in the Kuih industry for more than 20 years in Miri. After she was striken with cancer she became a volunteer first in West Malaysian and then in Miri since 2007.

She brings to our group cheerful stories, inspiring tales and wonderful tips.

Each time she comes to the Centre on Tuesdays, she would bring something good to eat.

This week she gave us a lesson on Teochew Kuih, Bee bao bee, or rice wrapped in rice (skin) This is a celebration savoury cake made from glutinous rice and rice flour. The skin is usually pink in colour which is auspicious . The peach shape represents the Chinese iconic peach which is a symbol for longevity.

After explaining all the intricacies of the culture involved with this kuih  she taught us a rhyme

Teochew char boh ng kiah si
Ai chia bee bao bee.

(Teochew lass is not afraid of death,
She dares to ask for rice wrapped in rice)

this is also a cake the Teochews make whenever there is a birthday to celebrate, a reunion dinner to prepare and during all the festivals and especially the Chinese New Year.

It is good to eat kuih lovingly made by people we know. It is even better when we know some stories which form the rich background of our cultural cakes.

Have a great day!!


Dew said...

Hi there, I prefer this outlay of yours.. Green and fresh to my eyes. Wonderful.!!

Ensurai said...

Thank you. I have just found out that according to a certain test, I am a "green" person, the green in the rainbow of colours. Nice feelings to for me when you like my outlay and the green colour. Wonderful morning to you!!

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