May 2, 2014

Sibu : TV series on Wong nai Siong

 Good news for Sibu and the Foochow people of Malaysia. Ever since Anne Pang wrote a book about her great grandfather Huang Nai Siang (Wong Nai Siong), she has been hoping for a film to be made about the man who brought Foochow Pioneers to Sibu in 1901.

This dream of hers has been realised recently!!

At the end of 2014, a TV series with 51 episodes will be produced by a joint venture of Taiwanese and Main Land Chinese companies.

some of the episodes will be filmed in Sibu.

Wong Nai Siong did not remain in Sibu after he brought the Foochows there. In fact after three years, he passed the settlement to the care of Rev James Hoover, an American Methodist missionary. James Hoover went on to manage the Foochow colony for 35 years.
File:Foochow ymca board 1920.jpeg
Wong Nai Siong and YMCA in Fuzhou in 1920

In fact Wong Nai Siong went back to China to fulfil his political ideals.

Some interest facts from Wikipedia: 
+ In June 1906, Wong Nai Siong met Sun Yat-sen in Singapore and joined the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance. He started disseminating revolutionary propaganda in China, and was involved in the planning of the Chaozhou Huanggang Uprising and the promoting of FuZhou's education and industrialization.

+In 1909, the government began promoting the establishment of a constitution. Wong Nai Siong was elected as a committee member for the Fujian Province. During his term, he submitted several detailed proposals regarding such matters as the establishment of a coastal police, the promotion of farming and industrialization, and the prohibition of the sale of opium. In 1910, he became the chairman of the FuZhou YMCA.

+In 1920, Wong Nai Siong was appointed the higher consultant in the Marshal Office by Sun Yat Sen. In 1921, while on leave in Fujisan, he was also appointed a senior consultant in the Fujian Province Office.

+In July 1947, he returned to Ming Qing due to liver illness. He died on September 22, 1924.

Wong Nai Siong in his old age


(The above photo is from Steve Ling)

All information from Steve Ling and Wikipedia.


Ikan Sembilang said...

That's really great news not only for Sibu and the Foochow people, but also for a non-Foochow like me who used to live in Sibu when I was a kid. Looking forward to watching the 电视连续剧《黄乃裳》soon!

Ensurai said...

Yes, isn't it exciting? I hope a lot of people will be recruited to be extras in the TV series and that will also make a lot of people share some great memories...and for the future generations too.

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