June 9, 2014

Dams in the Baram

I used to visit many schools in the Baram. While there I also had to the opportunities to visit local longhouses, admired the trees and rivers. The cultures of the Kenyahs, kayans, Kiputs, Berawans and the Ibans are rich and much have not even been studied well to my knowledge. A lot of the interiors of Sarawak has not been explored.azlan

When dams were mooted for the Baram my first thoughts were : Would all those schools I used to visit be "drowned"? what a waste of government funds and lives!! How much cultural artifacts would be lost and gone forever under the water?

Long San is one of the most beautiful settlements I have ever visited in Sarawak.

It has a beautiful church which is decorated with priceless carvings on precious hard wood.

The settlement itself is unique, quite unlike any in any part of our known world.

Most of the Kenyahs of Long San also own antiques, many of which came originally from China.

All the areas to be inundated have beautiful primary schools like Long Jeeh, Long Anap and Long Pelutan which I have visited in the 1990's. My memories of these schools will remain. The staff and the students work so hard to better their lives.

May God bless them always.

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