June 12, 2014

map of Rajang river

My birthtown is Sibu, at the beginning of the Rajang Deltaic region. The Igan River flows north from Sibu, while the Rajang continues towards the South china Sea in the westerly direction. the natural delta of the Rajang forms a beautiful triangle,criss-crossed by many distributaries, like a kite towards the see. the coastline seems to be growing over the years.

You can fly to Sibu from Kuching and other bigger towns of Sarawak. there is also a direct flight from Sibu to Johor Baharu. The Miri Sibu sector of MAS is the most expensive sector in the whole of Malaysia. sometimes a return flight is more than 400 ringgit. One can easily get a good fare between KL and Miri for only 90 ringgit return!!


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