June 29, 2014

Paku Jari Merah - Filicales

I read that this is a  rare fern found in Sarawak. So I hope some of you may be able to enlighten me about it.

I would be interested in looking for it in Sarawak and photographing it.



Anonymous said...

Maybe I think this is Lygodium. Sometimes found in old rubber plantation or very old secondary forest. Certainly not in peat swamp areA.

Ensurai said...

Thank you for the comment. Will study this more.

Ensurai said...

Yes it is a Lygodium. (Facts can be found in various articles by Singaporeans).

Anonymous said...

My garden does have it, but I found it nuisance, I pulled it out. Esp. if the weather is cooling enough, it will grow and tendrils.
Some how it is a more beautiful type of fern to my eyes. One stage, I planted it ..

Ensurai said...

Yes , they do make nice "garden floor covering". Cheers.

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