June 19, 2014

There is indeed a school called S.K. Airport, Belaga

There is indeed a school called S.K. Airport in Belaga

Here you are...a site map to show where you can find the school in Belaga.


Belian bridge to the school staff quarters of SK Airport( Photo by http://faizaleda.blogspot.com)


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I have never been to Belaga, we used to call Kapit Kapit Mei aka tail. Belaga must be even more Mei tahn Kapit.

Ensurai said...

In the last 30 years Belaga is very accessible. Many drive to Belaga via Bintulu.

Anonymous said...

So are julau and maybe Durin. My friend once commented that Julau was once a hantu place if not for the road now.

Norhaida said...

Hi, I just discovered about this blog..the photo of the bridge was taken by me 6 years back..it was an unforgettable memories..I do hope the children of SK Airport will have a brighter future.. ♥faizaleda♥

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