July 25, 2014

Miri Tales : Ikan Terubok Masin

A Foochow Salted Fishmonger today makes salted ikan terubok herself in the market, instead of just waiting for the customers to come, she sits by the stall and prepares the fish with the help of her primary school age daughter.

I often visit her and exchanges greetings and bits and pieces of Foochow ideas with her. She would always respond happily, telling me a bit about herself and her six children.

This season she is into making her own salted terubok.
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Her hard working hands are beyond saving by any skilled pediurist.

Just a sharp knife, three plastic chairs and a piece of wooden board and she is in business.

With her bare hands she can clean the fish in just one or two minutes. She is showing me how fresh her fish is.

Here her daughter cleans out the guts and the what nots...

Mother and daughter working hard together for a better future.

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