July 16, 2014

Sibu Tales : The Dragon Crosses the River

Also called Pineapple Grass, because it looks like a tiny pineapple with lovely small white lilac flowers at the top, this is a small plant which many people think of as a weed. But in fact it is a good herb.  Its lance shaped pale green leaves have a strong lemon scent. In Sibu it is grown in the garden , and seldom in pots. It originally comes from South America.

Most Chinese elders know it as a useful herb for treating nervousness A concoction can be easily prepared by boiling all the parts of the plant and adding some brown sugar to make a very tasty tea. A friend claimed that after drinking this tea for a few days she does not feel so tired from her daily hectic life.

the leaves taste nice in a cup of tea. However the Chinese use it to cure feet which are suffering from skin scaling and bad wounds.A Chinese sinseh also said that this herb is also helpful in easing diabetic problems. Wounds in the feet can clear up after taking this tea.

Caution : However do consult your Chinese sinseh if you are a diabetic and interested in using this herb.

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