August 10, 2014

Pangka or Top Spinning

Top spinning is a Malaysian hobby . The most famous state having this hobby is Kelantan where there is an annual festival, Festival Gasing.

In Sarawak a top is not "Gasing" but "Pangka" , played by the Iban children several decades ago. Once kids go to school in the 1960's they no long spend time developing their game according to a local historian.

That is why many longhouse children of Iban descent no longer know how to make pangka or even play with them

This is a very old black and white photo of the 1950's showing Sarawak children playing with pangka.

The best pangka were made from belian wood because they could not be "demolished" or cracked by an aggressive top.

The competition would be won by a top which could "crack" another top. It was not a competition to find out which top could spin the longest.

Adults who were very skilled in making pangka would be surrounded by admiring children in the longhouse. Some pangka were even square ones.

Those were the days.


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