September 25, 2014

Chinese scallions...

the Chinese scallion (Allium chinese G.Don) is a vegetable that is not commonly grown. But it is now sold internationally by supermarket chains. It is also known a Jiao tou 藠头 / 藠頭 or Kui tao

Interestingly many avid gardeners can replant the bulbs and grow more scallions.
Rakkyo bulbs, Kiangsi scallions
Allium chinense bulbs and trimmed leaves. They are nice when used in meat ball making.

Chinese scallion, rakkyo
The cross section of Allium chinense leaves are angular as opposed to cylindrical in Western chives (Allium schoenoprasum)
the bulbs are often used to cover the smell of gamey meat like wild boar , deer or river turtles.

This scallion is grown in the Cameron Highlands in West Malaysia. The higher lands of Sabah and Sarawak should be good habitat for this crop. In fact many gardeners have successfully planted them in pots in their gardens. any left over bulbs from the market can planted in the pots full of loamy and fertile soil. 

Soon you will have your own Chinese scallions for your meals.

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