September 11, 2014


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What if? Scotland's steps to independence
With polls showing Scotland's upcoming independence referendum too close to call, the rest of the United Kingdom is starting to consider seriously the implications of a "Yes" victory.
A pro-independence vote would be a global sensation but would change little in the immediate term, except perhaps boost calls for British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign.

But the vote would sound the starting gun for complex talks between the British and Scottish governments on separating two deeply interlinked economies and political systems with three centuries of shared history, finally leading to full independence.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) government has already set the date of March 24, 2016 -- the 309th anniversary of the Acts of Union between England and Scotland -- for a division that would cut the United Kingdom’s landmass by a third and its population by around eight per cent.

Scotland would be the first independent state created in Europe since the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia and the world’s newest country since South Sudan in 2011.

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Sabah’s presence in Malaysia will become meaningless if the federal government continues to dominate through its officers and agencies from the peninsula, Sabah opposition politician Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said in his Malaysia Day message.

Sabah had become “just a colony of Malaya” through the appointment of government officers, federal ministries, departments and agencies instead of allowing locals to fill these posts, the Bingkor assemblyman said.

"Sabah is slowly becoming a Malay unitary state of Malaya," said Kitingan, who is also chairman of Borneo Heritage Foundation.

He said Putrajaya had robbed Sabah of its independence, re-engineered the population and given political franchise to illegal immigrants.

Malaysia, he said, had become a “takeover project” through Umno, and through federal control of oil resources and tax revenues.

"Even our rights to visit and honour our Oath Stone, (Batu Sumpah) in Keningau has been denied to us. Do not brand us as trouble makers when we question what is wrong," he added.

A group of Sabah natives under the Jaringan Orang Asal Sabah had tried to hold a traditional ritual at the oath stone on August 31. The stone located within the premises of the Keningau District Office commemorates the 20-point agreement that protects Sabah’s rights as a member of Malaysia.

The state government had issued a directive to ban the group from holding the ritual near the stone.

Of late, Sabah has seen a rise in anger against the federal government over the erosion of rights and provisions in the Malaysia Agreement.

The Facebook group, Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia, has grown increasingly vocal about calls to secede from Malaysia in the run up to Malaysia Day, as long-standing issues such as unequal development, federal control over Sabah’s oil revenue and under-representation of Sabahans at senior levels of the federal service, come to a boil. – September 15, 2014.
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Oh dear, has she been FB controversial things? Don't want you to end up in prison.

Sibu Tales : Making Bah Gui from Scratch

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