September 8, 2014

Sibu Tales : Taiping Eggs in a Cup

Cooks can be very creative. We normally have taiping eggs whenver we Foochows go on a journey. My mum would always cook mee sua and chicken soup for me before I left for the new university year. And I would be given a hard boiled egg to go with the noodles and the chicken soup. The egg would be so special.

Yi Chang's photo.
This Taiping egg has a special symbolic meaning. Egg sounds like waves hence meaning troubles in our life. So my mother would make sure that I have the "power" to overcome the waves in my journey.

The Mid Autumn Festival this year is remarkable for me because my newly found 77 year old cousin Tiong Nguok Siong, who has been a wonderful cook in several restaurants (BEFORE she retired) decided to make this dish for her family and for me.

This is her 21st century twist to to the normal hard boiled egg.

She cracks an egg into a slightly oiled cup cake mould and then places a teaspoon of thinly sliced mushrooms, seasoned minced pork, a few slices of chillies and some chopped onions and some pepper in the egg white. Place the moulds in the steaming kuali and steam for 5 minutes. Make a Taiping Egg Cup Cake for each guest. Serve on a Chinese Spoon.

The steamed egg white is like jade!! What a special treat. Thanks Cousin Nguok Siong.


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