September 14, 2014

Kuih Lenggang

A green pancake is used to roll freshly grated coconut mixed with gula apong. It is a delicious Malay Kuih loved by young and old, by all races.

Today it is hygienically wrapped by another layer of plastic paper. These individually wrapped kuih are sold for 50 cents each. Very delightful as a snack and they are also popular as an item at hotel gatherings.

the green colouring comes from pounded pandan leaves which gives the lovely colour and special fragrance.

sometimes the gula apong is cooked with some cloves and cinnamon to give the filling an extra flavour.

I often wonder if we could sometimes give sambal filling, white coconut filling or even vegetable fillings to give guests more choices..

What other names have been given to this kuih?

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