September 13, 2014

Life in Miri : Ikan Sultan

Moving to Mir was never in my imagination. It was a fairly unexpected move.

A young Foochow woman would have just thought that after gaining a degree,found a suitable job, set up a family, she would live in her home town like her relatives. Migration was not in the minds of the young Foochows in the 70's.

However events and world views changed rapidly after the formation of Malaysia, world events like the changing of government of Great Britain, Berlin Wall, Vietnam War and Communist unrest in Malaysia.

People started moving away from Sibu.

Was Sibu such a difficult place to live in? Many young graduates especially engineers and doctors even migrated to Australia and New Zealand, apart from moving to Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, Limbang, Lawas and KK. Life was full of anxieties.

Life was definitely different from that of Sibu. But in many ways in spite of all the challenges, trials and tribulations, we learned a great deal from friends and relatives. And we also received so much blessings from God.

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