October 30, 2014

Sibu Tales : Rice cake

For many years I thought this is a Foochow cake from my dialectic group, until recently when I posted my photos on fb.

What a marvellous learning journey provided by Facebook. Now I know where to get more of this, when this is available and why it is served during Chinese new year by the Minang people (Hokkiens).

Perhaps one day I will make it when I get the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Is it made of mung bean flour? I notice it is getting less sweet these days unlike in the past which is good for health conscious people. Also I have found something similar in UK nut it is rectangular. you only get that in traditional shop in smaller towns or cities. Not sure if that is make from mung bean.

Ensurai said...

We have had a discussion and apparently it is made from a mixture of mung bean flour and rice flour. Traditionally Hokkien kuih. Not Foochow. I never realised it until recently. Also many Foochows do not know that this is a Hokkien original...cheers.

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