October 26, 2014

Three Aunties and 6 Ah Moos

There is a very nice dish in a Vegan restaurant in Miri. The title on the menu is Three Aunties and Six Ah Moos or San Goo Liu Poh.

I always find it a delight to find creative names of dishes. Some are so creative you have to ask the waiter or waitress what can be found in the dish that you might like to try.

For example, you read about Malay Scenario (Malay Feng Kwang?) What's that?
It is but Kang Kong fried with belacan. But every body knows that famous name.

Now what about Four Heavenly Kings? Well it is four different kinds of beans fried with different sauces. This dish is named after 4 Heavenly kings of singers of Chinese descent..Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and gang.

It is worth knowing such creative names if you wish to enjoy good Chinese food any where. I would like to compile an A to Z of Chinese names of their special dishes. One however has to be either bi lingual, or have a good friend who is conversant in the two languages to help translate.

Enjoy food names!!


Anonymous said...

Creative names for special dishes are nice but when all dishes having all strange name will kill the niceties of having creative and s[ecial names. I think the most important thing is to have name that helps you know the ingredients of the dishes. Also, there is dish called 'Budahha jumps over the wall".

Ensurai said...

Thank you for your comments. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is a famous Foochow dish developed in Fuzhou City a few hundred years ago apparently. Legend has it that this guy had to quicklypack food for a journey. He had no container so he used a Xiao Xin wine jar to pack his beloved ingredients, abalone, sharks fins, chicken...At the end of the day, he took out his jar and lo and behold, a nice dish. The fragrance floated to the monastery nearby and the monks came out to have a look. The legend did not say that they shared his meal. But his friends did and live to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

All your postings on food only make me saliavate. You know I am in UK now and miss all the food back home.

Ensurai said...

Thank you...I see, I write. I feel, I think, I write. I photograph, I taste, I write.....Writing makes me happy..and I love to read your comments. Keep them coming.

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