December 6, 2014

Family Cemetery Plot of the Ting Family in Sibu

The Ting family of Sibu, Sg. SAdit have their own family plot. This is a famous Kutien family which worked hard since arriving in Sibu in 1901 with Wong Nai Siong and made their fortunes through hard work and resilience.
It is quite a common Chinese practice in fact to bury their ancestors on their own private land.

In Taiwan for example, many farmers who have good land, would always bury their ancestors in their own land, in fact at the beginning of the plot, where the feng shui is very good. This according to a local Tainan historian is a way of culture, a way of farming life. The dead would always look after the living.

The patriach and matriach in an early 1920 photo.
A recent photo of one of the lovely western influenced tomb.
general view.
The photo shows that this cemetery has been filled. Some tombs are ready made, for future use. It is the way of the Foochows.

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