November 21, 2014

Moringa : New Kid on the Block for the Chinese

the moringa has long been used as a herb, health tonic and a vegetable by the Indians in the Indian Sub Continent. Today its health benefits have been spread throughout the world.

It is a miracle vegetable actually as the tree cvan grow very quickly within weeks and the leaves can already be eating.

The leaves can be fried with eggs, mixed with fish soup, used together in noodle soup and simply boiled as tea.

Even the stalks can be used to make a good cooling drink. Any one having a sore throat can just drink several cups and the soreness will be gone. It is really quite effective.

But as a vegetable it is really good. And furthermore it is free!!

So we can all grow trees of moringa and give our neighbours and friends free vegetables and tea!!


Anonymous said...

Leaves also contaiun protein. In Africa they pounded leaves into podwer and then take a spoonful daily. Also pounded seeds of Moringa can be used for water purification. The protein in the seeds can bind with silt and drop to the bottom and purify the water.

Ensurai said...

Thank you for your comments. What a wonderful way to purify water. Thanks...I can easily follow what the Africans do..thank you ..God bless.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

my Indian friends in Singapore let me try Drumsticks in her curry. I am fussy, and didn't like it.

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