January 10, 2015

Kuala Baram Wetlands : Chinese Crested Terns

I am glad that now I can visit the Kuala Baram wetlands in Miri to watch birds with my Malaysian Nature Society Miri branch friends. A bus is provided, binoculars too. While we just bring along a bottle of water, a camera and a hat!!

From Musa Musbah we learned that the very rare Chinese Crested Terns have been sighted in Miri.

Perhaps that should be my target of the next few years . To sight a Chinese Crested Tern.

We should try our best to get the Wetlands to be preserved for future generations.

Look at how China has helped the Panda to become extinct. And now the whole world is helping the country to increase the number of pandas.

The industrialization of China has also caused the Chinese Crested Tern to reach the endangered level. Matzu Island, Taiwan, ironically is helping to protect and provide nesting possibilities for the CCT. It has been reported that 50 or more birds have been counted. In the past a journal reported ONLY 36 CCT were left in the world.

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