January 29, 2015

Nang Chong Stories : Graduation Photo of Chung Cheng Middle School

The photo shows the beautiful belian roof of the school's main building. It also shows the bell tower which is so significant in a Chinese school. But what is more important is the Cross on the bell tower.
This is a Chinese design and so it is interesting for people of Sarawak to note the presence of a Chinese school in the state.

The Foochows together with Rev James Hoover built 41 churches and 39 schools. Every where the Chinese went, not just the Foochows, they built schools and also churches/temples.
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Chung Cheng School was originally named Kwong Nang Middle School, but the Foochow headman, Lau Kah Tii changed the name of the school to Chung Cheng as a tribute to General Chiang Kai Shek whose other name is Chung Cheng.

The photo indicates that the year is 37th of the Ming Kuo Era. Ming Kuo calendar began in the year 1911. Hence the Gregorian calendar would say that this is 1938, the year my mother's youngest sister graduated. It is hard actually to recognise who is who in this old photo. Perhaps one day some one can identify them properly.

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