February 4, 2015

Sibu Tales : Sarawak Turf Club

Sibu has a Race Course Road. And I used to wonder if there was ever a real race course there.

But in actual fact, the Sarawak Radio in the 50's and 60's used to broadcast the races and men would be glued to the radio to listen to the results.No automatic alt text available.

Anyway, one of my favourite memories of Horse Racing was related to the Singh who sold lottery tickets to every one in Sibu and especially my father. He would come around the coffee shop and say, "Mr.Chang, win, win win..."

He was a very pleasant man and most people would buy from him, two at least.

Some how I always associated horse racing with this Mr. Singh. My father never won any lottery and towards the last years of his life,he lived a very low profile life, preferring to read, doodle, and draw with an art pencil. And he also said that he had to avoid Mr. Singh!! We thought it was quite easy because it was easy to see Mr. Singh from a distance in the small town of Sibu.

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But being young I did not understand anything about horse racing, the Sarawak Turf Club in Kuching.. And I did not know that it was a kind of gambling.

Lottery tickets are called "Horse Tickets" in Foochow.

Today many Chinese calendars still print the horse racing days (Ipoh, KL,etc)

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