February 19, 2015

Sibu Tales : Sweet Biscuits

Sibu in the olden days had a few famous Foochow confectionery shops, a few along Market Road, one in Blacksmith Road and one in Channel Road.

These confectionary shops all made Gong Bian, besides their sweet biscuits, Leh Bian and guong tong.

Most would be full of floured tabled tops, and the biscuit makers wearing only singlets and their blue shorts.

Outside on the five foot way, there would be a big kuali to deep fry Yu Char Kui..and passersby would buy them, hot from the kuali.

As there were several of these early morning breakfast item eateries, most people would not be disappointed. Queuing was often out of question, it would not be first come first serve...You really need to catch the eye of the maker. Also, some men who came in with their big cars would shout, "I am in a hurry, give me my you char kuih first!!"

That used to annoy me a lot because I always felt that the woman with a loud and confident voice would get her cookies.

My Goo Boh, a refined lady with a very gentle nature and a soft voice would have to stand longer to get her goodies.

I would suggest that the you char kui maker should give customers and especially senior citizens a number like in clinics. if business is so brisk. The assistant could call up the number and then  wrap up the number of YCK  for the customers. That should be a better system. Don't you think so?

I like first come first served.

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