February 16, 2015

Chinese Series. The Chinese Surname BLUE

There are not many people with the surname Blue or Lan. The sociologists, writers and scholars continue to be interested in their origins and progress over the years. They are distinctly a minority She group of people and they have rich cultural heritage although they have assimilated very well into the Han Chinese culture.

During the Tang Dynasty, Fujian, Guangdong  and Jiangxi provinces became residencies of the She minority people. The surname of Blue or Lan came during the late Zhao period and appeared in the book of genealogy.

Could Lan Jipu be the first Lan clan ancestor?

Fuzhou city became the city with the largest number of Lan Clan . And many writers and scholars became interested in writing and studying about the She minority group and the Lan Clan.

Accoring to one genealogy book of the Lan Clan,some records were already written about them in 1157 during the Song Dynasty.

There is a Lan family living in Kuching. Family members are very artistic and one of them is a fashion designer. I am wondering if they are connected to this She minority group of Fujian Province of China.

I just have to share these beautiful photos from Google.

(Photos from Google)

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