March 14, 2015

Sibu : Pansuh or Food cooked in Bamboo Stems

The Ibans are famous for their specialty cooking using bamboo stems. This method of cooking is actually found in Yunna, Guizhou, Taiwan and the Philippines. Burma also practises it.

A short stem is cut.and chicken or pock
is put into the stem. Ingredients like slices of torch ginger, lemon grass, ginger, chillies, some salt would enhance the meat.

A wood fire is then made in the backyard and the bamboo stem is burnt  at an inclined angle slowly over the fire. The stem is turned every now and then to prevent the bamboo from scorching and burning through.

To prevent the juices from escaping, a bunch of tapioca leaves is usually used as a "stopper at the end of the bamboo stem.

Today this method of cooking is also done in 5 star hotels.
Nice dish of bamboo chicken. Soup is a bit greenish because of the tapioca leaves.
I remember a long time ago most Foochows "did not know how to eat the chicken or pork cooked in this way..."

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