March 17, 2015

Sibu Tales : Two Foochow Wedding Customs

A few wedding customs are still followed by Foochows in Sibu.

In those days (1960's to1970's) two customs must be followed, if not others, even though the families were deeply religious being Methodists.

The bride's make up must be done by a "blessed" relative. Both her in laws and parents must be alive. She must also be blessed by a good husband and children. The last act is to brush the air.

At my Aunt's wedding, Mrs. Samuel Chiu was selected and indeed she is a blessed relative with many good fortunes in her life.

Finally, the mother (or father, if still alive) must veil the bride for the wedding march.

Aunt Ik Ding's wedding at Sing Fu Yuen Tang was attended by all the elders of the Tiong family and the Chiu family, and the bride groom's family.

The photo shows , from left to right, Nelly, Ik Ding, the bride, and my grand aunt, Chang Yuk Ging.

P/s I also remember that a Foochow girl who was married insisted on carrying a small Bible and a small bouquet of paper flowers. Her mother remarked, "Just the Bible would be nice too, no need the flowers..." But then another relative said, "Brides must have flowers..." So thus she carried her special white gloved hands.

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