April 28, 2015

Nang Chong Stories : Dian Xin Chao

When we were young and visiting Ngie Mah (maternal grandmother) in Nang Chong Village, we were amazed by how our elders treated our medical problems like nose bleeding,  wounds caused by stepping on nails, cuts and tooth aches.

Nosebleeding was quite a common suffering amongst us kids. Whenever we had nosebleeding, grandmother would immediately get out her bottle of little pieces of what looked like soft wicks. But they were actually rush pith, a kind of plant pith.

these are called dian xin by her.

The rush pith comes from a grass growing wild in China and as the name states, it is pith from that grass.

A friend sent a recipe : get two leung rush pith, add l chien of dang sha, blend together. Each time take 2 chien, washed down by some watery porridge.

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