April 25, 2015

Sibu Tales : Kailan and Stewed Pork

In the 1970's kailan was such a popular vegetable in town and it was more like New Kid on the Block kind of popularity.

Women were eager to learn the best ways to cook it for their families.

One favourite way of cooking it is to blanch it and then pour a  layer of quick fry fresh pork liver and good sauce of it. This signature dish is still a favourite in Hock Chu Leu restaurant.

Another dish is also made from blanching the kailan and pouring a heated dish of stewed pork from the tin. This dish can be made any time, any where  especially by hungry teachers who teach in remote areas of Sarawak. It was also my favourite was of eating kailan, minus the thick layer of oil (to be healthy)

Today we are all very wary about tinned stuff from China. So we need to make our own braised belly pork for this kailan dish.

Give it a try.

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