April 8, 2015

Sibu Tales : The Roast Chicken is Coming!!

How many of you can remember the first roasted chicken you ate in your life?

I can remember because my Fifth Aunt Grace came back from the US and she wanted to cook a good dinner for my father. It was a home cooked dinner for his birthday. The other sisters had gotten together to make him a pale green tablecloth...all hand sewned by them.

the brothers bought him a specially made table. This was for his 50th birthday. At that time we did not know that he would not be able to celebrate his 60th Birthday.

It happened that my father had a bought a second hand New World oven for my mum. He had scouted around for an oven and found out that an English officer was leaving town. So he bought it. Mum was overwhelmed with emotions by the gesture. The oven and stove was the centre of attention for many years because not many families had a WESTERN STOVE like THAT.

Aunt Grace came home and she decided to cook a grand Western dinner - mashed potatoes, roasted chicken with sauce, "boiled vegetables" and a soup. It was such a novelty in the eyes of a 10 year old and the sight of aunts together with a happy father was just so heart warming. I had never seen my father smile so much in his short life with us. He was known as a taciturn man - a man of few words, and a man who did not show his emotions.

It is interesting how the mind works when you see a photo. This photo reminds me of so many historical happenings in my life.

Today roasted chicken is very common place but somehow it has a special place in my heart. It was a symbol of the love of a sister for her brother and she created a very special occasion.

Love is a Birthday Roasted Chicken.

My father's birthday would be in one month's time. (May 8th)

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