May 7, 2015

Amazing workmanship : Rattan Tiered Basket


This is a special story of Japanese times.

During the Japanese Occupation, rice was a special commodity which no one could sell . The Japanese had full control of rice selling, and rice milling. And rice was also heavily taxed by the Japanese.
This photo is from Google. I shall photograph the original basket made by Wong Sing Fong, now being exhibited in Foochow Association's History Gallery, in Sibu.

Wong Sing Fong had only arrived in 1941 in Sibu at the tender age of 18 when the Japanese occupied Sarawak.

He settled down in Kapit where he started to earn a living.

This tiered basket has a special meaning to his surviving members of his family.

Wong Sing Fong was imprisoned for secretly selling rice during the Japanese Occupation. However he did not spend his time looking at the four walls of the prison in Sibu.

During his 6 months jail sentence, he learned basket weaving. He made a three tiered gift basket, similar to the one in the photo, which he valued most as he had just arrived in a hot humid land of Sarawak, from the cool climate of Fujian, China.

His son donated the basket he made to the Foochow Association of Sibu.

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