May 18, 2015

China Series : Drinking Coffee in Fuzhou

Most Chinese I know of drink only Chinese tea, and not even Ceylon tea or Malaysian ,Lipton, or Cameron tea, when offered.

People are curious why so many of us Malaysian Chinese drink COFFEE or Ka Fe.

This photo I took of NY Coffee in Fuzhou evokes so much discussion in my mind. I could have stayed here the whole day, just drinking coffee and watching the crowd.

My father drank coffee all his life, as far as I could remember. Was it possible he develop his taste for coffee in China where he spent more than 7 years studying, first at college and then at Yen Ching university? Did the American professors help him and his friends adopt many different cultural ways and thoughts in Beijing? Was Beijing then a coffee drinking city?

Coffee shops in Sibu waft out the aroma of coffee from as early as 4 a.m in the morning and that has always been my "urban view of Sibu". Coffee has such a sweet smell. And the roasting of coffee is such a nostalgic buttery and rich smell. In those long ago days, sitting in a Sibu coffee shop meant you had slightly more to spend on yourself than just enough for buying food. It meant you had some "independent money" and you did not have to account for that small expenditure to your parents, or your in laws.

My relatives had asked why my father liked coffee. My Chinese teacher asked me why I like coffee.

I don't have the answer to why my father and many Malaysian Chinese drink coffee while some drink Chinese tea. I don't have the answer as to why I like coffee.

Is it fashionable to drink coffee? Is it a special taste bud? Is it economics of life?

Why do you like to drink coffee?

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