May 16, 2015

China Series : Ducks

I never realised in the past that the Serati or Chuong Huang is actually a Foreign Duck in China.  And my Minqing relatives call their duck soup made from serati, huang ark tong.

Huang in Chinese means foreign or at the border. We are Han and the OTHERS are Huang..Hence when our Foochow pioneers came to Sarawak, the first people they met were Huang Giang, refering to the Malays who lived in Sibu. The name got stuck.

We almost had duck every day when in Minqing. Very tasty and very tender. Every where we went we also saw a lot of huang ark in the yards.

Braised duck slices for breakast.

We even had braised duck slices at the breakfast buffet table one morning. It was very quickly snatched up. The Minqing people love duck.

Besides there is a fantastic outlet which only sells Huang Ark Buong. or literally, Duck Soup and Rice.

A bowl of Ark Lu in the Foochow culture is a gift of greatest love.

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