May 23, 2015

China Series : Farms and traditional irrigation

Min River is the biggest river in Fuzhou Prefecture and in fact there is a saying that all streams, brooks, creeks send their water to the Min River.

Min River, the Mother river which brought our Foochow ancestors from Fuzhou to the sea coast, Mawei and from there they sailed to Nanyang, to Sarawak, specifically.

Almost all farms need water, and especially in the more hilly regions, like Wun Chieh where my great grandfather came from. The Foochow farmers must know how to control water supply so that there is enough water when needed. It is amazing how for centuries, simple irrigation canals, small as they are, can help feed enough water to keep the farms going. 

The creeks and brooks may be small, but they are enough. God is provident. You can see that the water flows into the farm easily.

Every inch of land is tilled to produce enough food, not just for the family but for cash reward. Whatever is not consumed, it is also dried and pickled, for home consumption as well as for sale.

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