May 12, 2015

China Series : Jade Green Snail Soup

In the olden days, my Foochow ancestors caught snails in the creeks to make a jade green soup to nourish their lungs.

Today this soup is rare dish in good restaurants in centres of counties in Fuzhou Province.

I am blessed to have been served this soup during my recent May trip to China.

My friend, Wong Yuk Feng

 sent my this for further referencing : 

田螺 padi snails is a generic or collective name for snails found in the padi field ,wells, creeks or somewhere nearby for which The Foochows Dictionary has mentioned four types:-
1. [池螺】 [ tie53 loey53] ( grown in wells , with hard ,dark green or 
dark brown shells) 

2.【吊螺】 [ tiu213 loey53] ( they live by sticking themselves together like a string of pearls) 
3.【香螺】 [ hyong55 loey53] (flesh tender and nice) 
4.【塍螺】 [ tsheing53 loey53] (grown in the padi field with thinner shells) 

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